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Building automation systems have a direct impact upon your ability to maximise the performance of your facility. The communication between controller, peripherals and user interfaces in a building automation system network is essential. Lapp cable provides universal network wiring from the control level right down to the peripherals. Among the most commonly used cables for building automation include UNITRONIC® ST, Bus cable, Coaxial cable and Ethernet cable.

Our Cables

Our comprehensive range of UNITRONIC® bus cables, Coaxial cables, ETHERLINE® Ethernet cables and HITRONIC® fiber optic cables provide the perfect basis for intelligent networks. The cables are available for all standard building automation systems, creating solutions that have high transmission speeds, excellent interference immunity, withstand high mechanical strain and are easy to assemble in the field.

Commonly applied for CCTV and CATV video transmission and data networking, coaxial cables namely RG59, RG6 and RG11) allow distortion-free and low-attenuation transmission of signals with a high frequency signal. Additionally, we provide services and security systems incorporating firewall solutions, in addition to distribution components such as switches, routers, RJ45 plug connectors and Ethernet cables ranging from Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a to Cat 7.

On top of that, we offer solutions for the following communication protocols:

  •   BACNET
  •   DeviceNET
  •   EIB / KNX
  •   CAN/CANopen
  •   MODBUS

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