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We recognise the importance of automation engineering, our dedicated strategic business unit enables us to provide our customers with specific industry expertise. We offer professional advice and develop tailored systems and solutions which are credible at the technical, qualitative and commercial level. In asector characterised by high levels of developmental dynamism, our expertise helps you stay ahead.

Trend-setting Products – Industrial Ethernet

Much research has been carried out into how to use the advantages offered by ethernet-based office networks and their high data transfer rates in industrial applications. Our cables are designed to provide the speed needed in this application, along with the durability required in a manufacturing environment.

Our Cables

We can offer our customer system solutions ranging from bus and network cables, to their corresponding connectors and plugs all the way to active bus modules and network management systems.

We offer solutions for the following communication protocols:

  •   AS-Interface
  •   DeviceNET
  •   CAN/CANopen
  •   CC-Link
  •   FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Welding Cables - Sheathed with neoprene jacket, our high quality welding cable is flexible in used under adverse conditions in assembly lines and conveyor systems. The cable is ideal for manual and automated operated line, machine tool and spot welding machines. In addition, we offer our welding cable for tight battery applications as well as secondary voltage resistance welding leads.

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