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Automotive Manufacturing & Distribution | Electric Vehicles

Cables used in automotive production, infrastructure and the vehicles themselves have to be reliable. Automotives are exposed to various types of environment and some are used in extreme conditions. New market trends in environmentally-friendly mobility concepts are increasing using electricity as the power source. LAPP's ability to innovate puts it in the forefront of the e-mobility market: the Lapp Group was one of the first companies to develop a complete, production-ready charging system with cables and a connection system.

In addition to products for the charging infrastructure, Lapp also supplies high voltage cabling for the next generation of vehicles. These high-voltage cables are used in the vehicle interior and can be customised using different connection technologies. Lapp also has its own patented connection solution for use in this sector.

Transport Infrastructure

Building a safe aviation, road and rail infrastructure is a critical imperative when connecting the people and here we see the increasing role of fire resistant cable. Specially designed to be used for wiring applications in critical life safety system in public and industrial building such as airports, tunnels, subways and train stations, our fire resistant cable is fire test certified and approved to BS6387 Cat. CWZ.

Our Cables

Lapp has been producing special system connections to use in the hybrid power pack of the new Mercedes-Benz S400 Blue-HYBRID. These cables and connection systems are used in the lithium-ion batteries and meet the high demands in this industry application. In addition, Lapp is an engineering partner for several well known companies currently working on new battery systems which could help to store more electrical energy effectively.

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