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Lapp has been providing cable technology for the energy sector since the business began in 1957. We shine above our competitors with our substantial industry expertise, a comprehensive product range which can meet every requirement and the continual development of our products. Lapp ensures the unrestricted, global use of its products through worldwide permits and certification, including those required for nuclear plants. The use of renewable energy especially solar has been increasing for many years and this trend is continuing. Photovoltaic (PV) has a wide range of uses, from major energy plants to small domestic applications.

We indeed have recognised the potential of the renewable market very early on and built up specialist expertise in this area, demonstrating once again the innovative tradition of our company. We offer a specifically tailored comprehensive range of solar/ photovoltaic (PV) cables, solar connectors and accessories for cabling photovoltaic plants – we are the system of choice!. We are also able to develop tailored made products, as well as assisting on solar cable related technical issues.

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We can offer our customers system solutions ranging from power and network cables, to their corresponding connectors and plugs. Highest quality standards are guaranteed with various certifications from international test and standards body including TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection) and North American UL approval organisation.

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